Office Cleaning


Janitorial Cleaning Company specializes in providing janitorial services for business properties in
a variety of industries. We have developed and expanded our services to meet the changing
needs of businesses today, providing the highest standards of office cleaning services for our
At Janitorial Cleaning Company, we provide the expertise and professionalism to perform
exceptional results you can depend on. We are dedicated to deliver high quality work no matter
how small or big a corporate office setting is. Our highly trained and hand-selected cleaning
operatives expertly and respectfully maintain your workspace clean and healthy.
Our services include but not limited to the following:
1. Sanitizing and Disinfecting
2. Vacuuming of Floors
3. Spot cleaning of Walls
4. Boardroom, Lunch room and Bathroom Cleaning
5. Stain removal and Dusting of all surfaces
6. Polishing of Tiles, Stainless Steel and Floors
7. Shampoo and Steam Clean Carpet


Your professional, stress-free cleaning company partner awaits. Janitorial Cleaning Company provides free, no-obligation quotes and consultations for office cleaning services. Call now or request a quote online.